Spray Cleaning

for Aqueous Cleaning Agents

The main application for spray cleaning systems is as a cost-efficient cleaning method for large, flat components. Nozzles spray the cleaning agent, usually of the aqueous type, onto the surface to be cleaned at high velocities.

As the cleaning agent dissolves any contaminations, they are washed away by the spray jet. Either the parts to be washed (rotating basket & turntable spraying system) or the spray nozzles (rotating spray register system) are moved for consistent cleaning across all surfaces.

DT-Jet turntable spray cleaning systems

Horizontally rotating cleaning platform for parts that collect no water, large assemblies, or parts to be washed that require no turning.

DK-Jet rotating basket spray cleaning systems

This system cleans parts with complicated surfaces or small parts that collect water in the corresponding baskets, placed in a turning fixture.

A combination of the DK and DT Jets is available as well. That option can be easily switched between the basket holder and the turntable.

DS-Jet rotating spray register cleaning systems

These systems clean particularly heavy or large parts with a rotating spray register.

The spray-cleaning systems in a variety of cost-efficient default sizes can be adjusted with a vast range of options (e.g. filtration, oil separator, cleaner dispensing, blowing off, hot-air drying, vapour condensation, etc.) to meet specific requirements. We can adjust this system to custom special sizes at any time.

Extension options – Various equipment options are available to perfectly adapt the spray-cleaning systems to your needs. Find a selection below:

Vapour extraction

This options effectively prevents the unpleasant “laundry room air” on the shop floor by extracting the vapours produced from the machine.

Strip oil skimmer

This option removes floating grease and oils from the bath surface after the cleaning process.

Automatic feed & dispensing of chemicals

This option automatically keeps the cleaning system tank filled to the required level. A dispenser adds cleaning agent to the fluid.

Combined system

The turntable and rotating basket spray-cleaning systems can be combined and swapped with just a few simple steps.

Bag filter

This option removes particles, solids, and contamination from the cleaning agent with a filter. The filter bags can be replaced and come in a variety of meshes. Magnetic inserts further increase the efficiency of magnetic particle and chip removal.

Compressed air blowing & hot-air drying

A compressed-air blow-off unit is included, using an on-site compressed-air supply or a separate blower, to remove liquid from liquid-collecting parts. Hot-air drying can be added on top of this.