Solvent FL

Similar solvents work best

We have a large solvent selection for you to choose from.
The principle is that solvents dissolve similar substances: nonpolar solvents are clean away nonpolar contamination such as mineral-oil-based industrial lubricants, while polar solvents remove, for example, polyurethane and various plastics.

Advantages of our solvents

  • Good creepage properties thanks to low physical density
  • Quick drying
  • Treatment with distillation permits reuse at any time.

The vapic FL solvents

Our FL solvent product line comes with numerous advantages.
All products can be used for ultrasonic treatment. They dry up without residue and can be regenerated by distillation.
Our VOC free solvents will minimise your emissions.
Our variety of in-house recipe developments will ensure an outstanding performance for you.

We will gladly send you a suitable free sample on request.