Contract cleaning and degreasing

Our parts cleaning centre is ready for virtually any task, from ultrafine cleaning of sensitive precision parts, to degreasing of parts in pallet cages.

Our new cleaning system <50 µ is waiting for your parts

You can now have your parts cleaned in our new 2-tank solvent system 2297 with modified alcohol from our chemeco solve 270 brand. The system works with ultrasonic cleaning and is equipped with vacuum drying. The goods carrier system is designed for various cleaning basket sizes up to approx. 1300 x 450 x 300 mm and a weight of 300 kg. A high-bay storage system with 250 storage locations enables unmanned operation over 16 hours, allowing us to offer you the cleaning of your parts at an attractive price.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Our Parts Cleaning Centre Can Do More Than Just Contract Cleaning

Since 2009, we have been intensely worked on cleaning various component geometries and materials, meeting cleanliness requirements as economically as possible and ensuring fast processing.

We choose the best system from our cutting-edge machines to handle your contamination, component geometries, and achieve the required residual dirt values. 

If desired, we will conduct in-process residual-dirt analyses in accordance with VDA Volume 19 for you.

We pack your products based on your requirements after cleaning and drying.

A full visual inspection can be included before packing.


Fine Cleaning

Superfine Cleaning


Quality Control