Suppliers to the automotive industry form our largest customer base. Just-in-sequence delivery, cost pressure, and high availability are all things we know well. Formed, deep-drawn, stamped, turned, and milled parts can be cleaned economically in vapic’s special installations at the customer’s site or in our parts cleaning centre, as can aluminium extrusion parts in various sizes and with a variety of cleanliness requirements.

Precious Metals
A cost-efficient solution is required for the recycling of precious-metal chips. Our standard Solvecon chamber system, combined with an aqueous pre-cleaning (immersion cleaning system) is the most cost-efficient solution for this issue. Our vacuum-infrared technology is the only way complete drying of the small chips is at all possible.

Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Our competence is needed where highest cleanliness standards must be met. Even the most difficult electronic parts, such as contacts, sensors, and solder residues on circuit boards, can be cleaned reliably.

Flexible Metallic Elements
Complicated geometries, e.g. in bellows, pose a special challenge to cleaning and drying. Our effective and end-pressure-controlled vacuum-drying method combines with movement of goods to ensure that all components are dried well. Infrared light, hot air or induction can be added if necessary.

Electroplating and Anodising Systems
These large inline systems often pose rinsing and drying problems that we can solve by moving the goods carrier into a process chamber and then applying our tried and tested vacuum processes.

Plain, Ball, and Roller Bearings
The smaller the bearing, the higher the requirements to it. Our unique process steps let us remove even difficult contamination, such as paste residues and fingerprints, without a trace.

Domestic Appliances, White Goods
High demands on cleanliness and large quantities are typical challenges in the household appliance industry. We will find the optimal system technology for fully automated large-scale systems or small chamber systems alike.

Aerospace Technology
Barely any other industry will have parts as precious as the aerospace one. Service lives must be accordingly long, but 15 years would be impossible to achieve without perfect vapic cleaning.

Machinery and Equipment
We have put reliable component cleaning systems on the market for injection moulding machines, with their heavy parts and high demands to component surface, or large crankshafts. Our experience also extends beyond crankshaft cleaning to preservation. Cycle times of 2.5 minutes make the application predestined for our inline system “Modular”.

Razor Blades
Razor blade strips are cleaned in our continuous systems after sharpening. We are also experienced in cleaning and drying stacked razor blades before sputtering. We apply subsequent thermal cleaning with vacuum and infrared technology.

Sanitary Fittings
Best quality is essential for fittings. We clean these components in combined solutions before the PVD process, which requires perfect freeness of stains and residues.