Modular Inline Systems

Our inline system “Modular” surpasses the tried and tested trolley immersion cleaning systems by far, both in terms of performance and effectiveness. In fact, it is setting entirely new standards in parts cleaning. The last few years have taught us a lot about this highly innovative plant engineering method. We have been able to confidently meet many requirements.

The inline system “Modular” is built for essential improvements in cycle time, which are reduced to a minimum by selection of the best modules. Component cleanliness is maintained without any compromises. The system can be expanded with additional modules easily, which permits cost-efficient adaptation if requirements to technical cleanliness increase at any point in the future.

Always Modular

Our modules come with dedicated control cabinets, basket holders, handlers, and conveyors. Their combinations are not limited, permitting optimal adjustment even if cleaning requirements change or increase. The inline system can be expanded quickly and cost-efficiently.

Overview of Advantages

  • Chamber and tub processes
  • Closed baths for lower energy consumption
  • Since only the basket is moved, barely any fluid leaves the bath
  • All bath treatment options are available
  • The tubs work contact-free, which lowers susceptibility to faults
  • Greatest flexibility
  • The clean part of the system can be designed as a clean room

Available modules:

  • Loading and unloading modules
  • Tub modules with ultrasonic element
  • Chamber modules, also including multiple tanks
  • Hot-air drying modules
  • Vacuum
  • Infrared