Aqueous Modular Inline Systems

The inline system “Modular” is easy to integrate to solve aqueous cleaning tasks in your manufacture. A variety of tub and chamber modules keep you flexible at all times. The former are particularly suitable for use in active baths with ultrasonic cleaning or pressure flooding. Since no time is lost for filling and draining when your components can be immersed in the cleaning agent, the ultrasonic treatment time is extended to the maximum available.
Chamber modules, in contrast, beckon with integration of a complete vacuum drying system. Our alternating pressure system can also become part of the system as a last rinsing chamber module.
The modular structure can adapt to rising requirements to residual dirt removal in the future.

Find a small selection of the vapic technology options below:


Ultrasonic Cleaning
We use ultrasonic equipment from qualified manufacturers. The ultrasonic treatment can be adjusted from 60-100% to keep your components save. A tub module maximises treatment time by eliminating the filling and draining steps.

Pressure Flooding
Proven to improve cleaning results, pressure flooding puts your cleaning agent into motion. Tub modules are a good choice for this method as well, though our chamber modules can be equally equipped with this function.