Combined Modular Inline Systems

The combined Modular inline systems merge, for example, aqueous cleaning with efficient preservation in hydrocarbons, followed by vacuum drying. The system can also be set up to link full aqueous cleaning to subsequent solvent cleaning. Since a dewatering step always follows on aqueous pre-cleaning, intermediate drying is dispensable, and the aqueous cleaning agent cannot carry over to the solvent end of the system.

Kombinierte Reihenanlagen Modular

Find a small selection of the vapic technology options below:

Aqueous pre-cleaning is followed by the “dewatering” process step to keep all water out of the solvent process. No intermediate drying is required

Consistent Preservation
A chamber module can add efficient preservation in hydrocarbons to your inline system “Modular”. Choose the layer thickness and let us set our system to apply the preservative to your components in a fully automatic process.