Specialists for industrial component cleaning

Learn and understand

Reiner Wolf frequently points out that “knowledge is not an obligation to perform”. He is always one of the first to ask in-depth questions.

This attitude has never changed: not when he was technical manager, not when he managed his own service company, not after he was granted a former European patent, and not since his company vapic’s order books have been filled without pause thanks to its innovative and high-quality products. Parts cleaning demands an integrated approach, both in the actual parts cleaning process and in every single unique customer production chain.

A reliable partner who never ceases to learn, specifically because of its already acquired “know-how”, is invaluable there. Every team member at vapic practices this basic attitude. Hierarchies are flat and proactive action in the team is prevalent. Even though the offer is a voluntary one and lunch the only compensation for it, almost the entire staff can be found participating in the vapic training on many Mondays.

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