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Vapic stands for vacuum and pressure industrial cleaner. We have been experts in industrial component cleaning for decades. Our largest business area is the special plant construction, followed by service, the parts cleaning center, cleaning chemicals and the laboratory.
We think holistically in our sector, i.e. industrial componet cleaning, and deliver tailor-made solutions for the cleaning tasks of our customers.
Our core competence lies in the development, planning and construction of special plants.

In our approach, we always consider the upstream and downstream processes in our customers’ production and work with them to design the right cleaning solution. After we have verified the right process in preliminary tests, we offer you the optimal parts cleaning plant or cleaning in our parts cleaning centre, depending on your wish. In the field of cleaning agents, we also check the lubricants you use and offer the appropriate cleaner. We also develop new products that are specifically tailored to the tasks of our customers.

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