Immersion Cleaning

Simple – Customised – Affordable

Immersion cleaning is the method of choice for components with complex geometry, such as blind holes. Adhering contamination is primarily dissolved by the chemical effect of the cleaning agent, potentially amplified by ultrasound. Lifting, swivelling, or rotating movements add to the cleaning effect.

M-Dip: Modular system
This system comes with modules in three cost-efficient default sizes, from a single unit to a semi-automatic parts cleaning system. It can be customised to your cleaning process and expanded with new modules and equipment options at any time if your cleaning requirements change.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Effective, economically efficient, and environmentally friendly cleaning with ultrasonic technology:

  • Sweep (even sound field distribution)
  • Degas (quick degassing for new bath preparation)
  • Multi-frequency technology

Features of the basic module:

  • High-quality stainless-steel structure for industrial use
  • Working tank/overflow tank
  • Ready for connection of electric heating
  • Ready for connection of oil separator
  • Removable side parts/cleaning hatches on the overflow tank
  • Splash-proof operation
  • Level monitoring
  • Protection against running dry
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Dryer: heating capacity of 12 kW, 20-130 °C

Selection of options

  • Pneumatic lift with oscillation and draining position
  • Manual transverse transport system
  • Bottom/lateral ultrasonic unit (25 or 35 kHz)
  • Compressed air surge equipment
  • Electric bath heating (20-90 °C)
  • Preheating system
  • Automatic water feed
  • Oil separator
  • Filter circuit with stainless-steel circulation pump and bag filter
  • Vapour extraction
  • Bottom tray