Drying equipment

Drying and cleaning technology are closely connected. Of course, we have the knowledge to find the best procedure for you among our many component drying devices. Find a selection of our range below. Just as with component cleaning, we are glad to adapt the default systems for our customers as a flexible special installation manufacturer.


Vacuum infrared dryer

Combining infrared light and vacuum drying permits reliable drying of thin-walled and lightweight components, while creating an infrared-light-based subsequent thermal cleaning effect.
We adjust the size of the drying chamber and the individual units to your specific batch sizes. Describe what you need, and we will deliver a solution!

Hot-air dryer

Even vacuum drying with infrared enhancement cannot live up to every challenge. When that point is reached, we recommend switching to hot-air drying, where a large air volume ensures that even the most difficult component geometries can be dried.

Heat-pump dryer

Heat-pump dryers can be used in continuous systems and as stand-alone units alike. Energy recovery for reuse in the cleaning bath or in other manufacturing processes is particularly interesting and can reduce energy consumption by up to 60%! As a great side effect, the components will be cooled automatically and are not as hot when they leave the system.