Chamber Systems

Chamber systems can be scaled to almost any size. Laboratory and preliminary tests on the cutting-edge equipment in our parts cleaning centre guide us to the ideal process for you. Your machine will be optimised for aqueous cleaners, solvents, or a combination of both. We offer own cleaning agents in a complete package that guarantees a safe and functional overall process. If you prefer, you may continue to use your tried and tested cleaners. In that case, will supply the system technology to match.
We offer tried and tested procedures, such as a prewash circuit, spray and immersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning with vacuum degassing or pressure flooding. Our machines are suitable for use with other manufacturers’ cleaning agents as a matter of course.
The sections Solvents, Aqueous, and Combined Cleaners contain further information on our technology range.
The supply system is vital for the overall concept as well. Our products cover the entire range from simple roller conveyors, to supply on trolleys, to a fully automatic high-bay storage fed by shuttles. We will gladly integrate your existing systems or link to with up- and downstream processes.

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