Continuous Cleaning Systems

Continuous cleaning systems are easy to integrate into production chains.
Specific dimensions and a simple connection to up- and downstream process steps are often desired. Our continuous cleaning machines are planned to meet your specific industrial component cleaning task, Adjusted to the size of your workpieces, your required throughput, and your quality requirements. We have implemented systems for a variety of handling options, single part holders loaded with robots, chain conveyors or even systems using washing baskets.

Goods movement for continuous cleaning systems.
Goods movement is essential for best cleanliness. If at all possible, our systems are developed to prevent unmoving parts in the continuous system. Several of our highly successful solutions are optimised for rotationally symmetrical parts. Systems using baskets are equipped with a swivel movement. We will be just as creative and successful with your components.

Economically efficient and environmentally friendly.
Conventional continuous systems with their open build are energy sinks. Since avoiding a waste of energy has a long tradition at vapic, we use condensation and a special drying method to save considerable amounts of energy in this type of system.
We integrate condensation dryers, as well as other equipment options. Our systems can support infrared drying or a comprehensive bath treatment