Corporate Philosophy


Customer satisfaction

Our highest goal is customer satisfaction, which we almost always achieve thanks to our highly motivated employees. In case of problems we act qualified and fast. We are also happy to support you in the implementation of improvement measures. Due to our broad field of activity in the area of industrial component cleaning, we have know-how in plant engineering, cleaning of componets and chemistry.


We provide our prospective and existing customers with project-related, qualified and honest advice.
If we find that we cannot offer you the optimal and cost-effective plant for your needs, we will be happy to recommend suitable standard plants from market companions. This also applies to the suitable cleaners. If the tests in our laboratory show that a competitive cleaner dissolves the soiling best, we are happy to recommend this as well.

We only offer you the best solution for your task.


Our company originated from the service sector – we still place great emphasis on very good and fast service. We offer fair spare parts prices and assembly hourly rates. Our remote maintenance via Internet combined with the detailed process visualization guarantees shortest downtimes at low costs. Our machines stand for good accessibility, so that your internal maintenance work can also be done as easily as possible.


FRIENDLINESS is very important to us. Because only with an optimistic way of working and a positive attitude you achieve the best result most efficiently. We place our focus on polite and respectful communication.


In addition to the best results, we also want to offer you the best prices. Although our machines are the most expensive to procure due to the good process technology, they offer the lowest operating and maintenance costs. Through careful planning, we install high-quality components that require very little maintenance and actively contribute to environmental protection through low energy consumption.


Trust and cooperation

We value transparent, understandable actions and decisions. Even in the event of an error, we expect this to be dealt with in an open and honest manner. Trust is the basis of a successful and long-term cooperation.

Legal compliance and human rights

We, as vapic GmbH, expect our suppliers and their employees to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, human rights must be observed. The parties shall treat each other with respect and dignity.

Sustainable action

Our suppliers shall act in accordance with applicable environmental laws and try to avoid negative effects on the environment. vapic protects the environment through, among other things, well thought-out house technology and energy-saving process technologies.


Leading principles

Work at vapic is characterised by great personal responsibility of the employees, cooperative interaction, appreciation, a management style based on cooperation and equal opportunities, creating a perfect environment for good work that culminates in the creation of leading products.

Management style

Since vapic is a growing company that greatly values its approach of flat hierarchies and a management style that designed for cooperative collaboration with its employees, we involve our employees in decision-making processes to find the best solutions.


Teamwork and cooperation across departments are important aspects of everyday work at vapic. This approach requires and promotes open communication, mutual respect, and appreciative interaction.

Training in the company

vapic will continue to train young people and to actively support further education as technicians or master craftsmen.


Since no one can create innovations and good products under pressure, we give our employees the greatest degree of freedom in their work that we can afford. That also means that they bear the greatest possible degree of personal responsibility.


Appreciative treatment of our employees is part of vapic’s self-image. Only our employees have enabled our current success. We take ideas and suggestions for improvement of products, the workplace, or work processes seriously and verify implementation options at once.

Equal opportunities

Recognition, appreciation, and involvement of diversity in unique aspects of our employees regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability is part of vapic’s success in all areas.