Corporate Philosophy

Leading principles

Work at vapic is characterised by great personal responsibility of the employees, cooperative interaction, appreciation, a management style based on cooperation and equal opportunities, creating a perfect environment for good work that culminates in the creation of leading products.

Management style

Since vapic is a growing company that greatly values its approach of flat hierarchies and a management style that designed for cooperative collaboration with its employees, we involve our employees in decision-making processes to find the best solutions.


Teamwork and cooperation across departments are important aspects of everyday work at vapic. This approach requires and promotes open communication, mutual respect, and appreciative interaction.

Training in the company

vapic will continue to train young people and to actively support further education as technicians or master craftsmen.


Since no one can create innovations and good products under pressure, we give our employees the greatest degree of freedom in their work that we can afford. That also means that they bear the greatest possible degree of personal responsibility.


Appreciative treatment of our employees is part of vapic’s self-image. Only our employees have enabled our current success. We take ideas and suggestions for improvement of products, the workplace, or work processes seriously and verify implementation options at once.

Equal opportunities

Recognition, appreciation, and involvement of diversity in unique aspects of our employees regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability is part of vapic’s success in all areas.