Bath Treatment of Aqueous Baths

Aqueous bath treatment aims to extend the service life of a bath to the maximum, reduce maintenance effort and resource consumption, and achieve particular cleanliness.
Cleaning chemicals are as important in this as a variety of bath treatment technologies. We have developed a suitable regeneration solution for large installations by analysing the contaminations and observing the bath. As a result, the first replacement was not necessary before the end of seven years, in spite of three-shift operation.

We use the following methods to treat your cleaning and rinsing baths:

  • Centrifugal tanks
  • Pot- and disc centrifuges
  • All types of filters
  • Various automatic filters
  • Oil and sediment separator
  • Automated chemical dispensing
  • Slow bath renewal
  • Energy-saving evaporators with vapour compressor technology
  • Ultrafiltration systems