Automatic Cleaning of Moulds and Tools

We provide customised cleaning systems for cleaning of machine parts, tool parts, and moulds. Our FL PU solvents require no marking but are highly effective, nevertheless. Wet chemical cleaning is safe and non-abrasive, by soaking under resins and plastics to remove them with mechanical treatment.

The RESONIC prototype

The all-new RESONIC is a fully automatic cleaning system that works with solvents. It differs from common ultrasonic tanks by its continuous, adjustable strokes, active heating and cooling circuit, and extraction unit. 4 kW ultrasonic power removes even stubborn contamination. RESONIC devices with variable sizes and equipment options are made to customer specifications.

We will gladly perform tests for you if this option is intriguing to you!

vapic PU cleaners

vapic PU cleaners are strong cleaners that powerfully dissolve and remove polar resins such as epoxy, polyester, vinylester and polyurethane. In spite of this, the CLP regulation and ADR do not classify them as hazardous, which means that they require no marking and may be regenerated by distillation.