Parts cleaning
our area of expertise for more than 25 years

Parts cleaning is growing in importance.

The development of many industries in recent years is clear, the cleaning of parts is becoming more and more important. In many cases, parts cleaning has been regarded only as a secondary process in the process chain of manufacturing a wide variety of production parts and components. Nevertheless, its role is essential in the functionality of many products. Furthermore, it must be integrated into the customers’ production economically and without disruptions.
To make an investment in a cleaning plant, it is necessary to define many criteria such as the parameters of the cleaning process, the appropriate cleaning chemistry, the cycle time, the machine type and its costs. Increasingly complex procedures in upstream and downstream processes have led to enormously increasing demands for technical cleanliness with regard to particulate or filmic contamination. Here at vapic, we are specialists in parts cleaning.

vapic – parts cleaning in every respect.

vapic – this stands for vacuum and pressure industrial cleaner.

Energy-saving, innovative and sophisticated parts cleaning plants are the core competence of our company. We may be developing a large variety of machines, but they all have one thing in common:
They are optimally adapted to the individual applications of our customers.

To meet this standard, we are just as familiar with the operation of the parts cleaning plants as we are with the required cleaning chemicals.
The many years of user experience that we have gained in our parts cleaning centre are put to good use in our new cleaning plants. In cooperation with Grund Oberflächentechnik, a company that manufactures wet chemical cleaning products, we conduct a broad range of standardised experiments to determine which cleaning chemicals are most suitable for dissolving the contaminants used, e.g. lubricants.

If we do not have a suitable cleaner in our portfolio, we will be happy to develop a customised cleaning solution for you.

vapic plant construction – why our cleaning plants are the best.

“By combining vacuum and pressure, we have made use of physical principles and developed a system technology that is unprecedented on the market,” is how our company founder and managing partner Reiner Wolf describes the recipe for success. Our machines are characterised by a service-friendly design, unique cleaning processes and intelligent energy cycles. We ensure high quality with a variety of different techniques, for example our alternating pressure process for cleaning narrow gaps, small-diameter drillings and blind holes. And in terms of economic efficiency, our machines offer major advantages as well. Due to the complex process technology, our plants consume only a fraction of the energy as compared to the washing plants of the market competitors.
This makes for a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that is also supported by public authorities such as the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control).
We guarantee: our machines provide process-reliable technical parts cleaning at the best possible price.

vapic parts cleaning centre – fast, cost-effective, reliable.

Our parts cleaning centre offers an out-of-house solution with various advantages.
Thanks to our modern machinery, we can provide you with everything from the degreasing of large amounts to ultra-fine cleaning. Benefit from our know-how in application engineering – we know which conditions are optimal for your parts. We handle the selection of the plant, the cleaner, the washing programme parameters, the parts arrangement and any other criteria. You tell us what requirements you have for your parts. On request, we will gladly manage quality control and verify technical cleanliness by means of residual dirt analyses, surface energy measurements or optical analyses. Suitable packaging will be offered as a matter of course.

vapic cleaning chemicals – we find the solution.

Even the best plant technology is of no use if the chemistry does not match the contamination. Any successful cleaning process requires that the aqueous cleaner or solvent used dissolves the lubricants used. This is verified by our laboratory analysis staff. Through various experiments in solubility tests and process simulation procedures, we determine the ideal product for the washing process. Along with the cleaning performance of our product series, we pay attention the occupational safety and waste treatment of the various substances proactively. Both our vapic FW aqueous products and our vapic FL solvent formulations offer perfect cleaning results. For the operation of a plant, other agents such as defoamers, stabilisers or additives are usually needed. Again, we have coordinated solutions for you to ensure a successful process.