Aqueous Chamber Systems

The cleaning industry calls systems operated with water and a cleaner additive (alkaline, neutral, or acidic) aqueous cleaning systems.
Aqueous cleaning is the choice for components with polar contamination, e.g. from cooling lubricant emulsions. These cleaners must be rinsed off well before the component is dried.

Advantages of water-based cleaning:

  • Reliably dissolves polar contamination.
  • Multiple circuits and optimised filtration meet particle requirements.
  • Learn more about bath treatment for solvent cleaning systems under Bath Treatment with Aqueous Cleaners
  • Better dispersion than solvents
Wässrige Kammeranlagen

Find a small selection of the vapic technology options below:

vapic Alternating Pressure
Alternating pressure in the working chamber shifts the boiling point to make the cleaning agent oscillate between boiling and condensation. This method is proven to amplify the rinsing effect, in particular in small blind holes(Ø < 6 mm) since the fluid forms vapour bubbles at low pressure that implode in turn as pressure increases. This ensures a powerful cleaning agent exchange even in more complicated component geometries. Alternating pressure can be used with solvents and with rinsing baths for aqueous cleaners alike.

Energy-Saving Technology
Dry-running vacuum pumps are at the core vapic energy cycle. The compression and condensation energy applied is preserved by smart circulation, to be reused for the process, saving an enormous share up to up 50% of the energy previously required. Our technology knowledge brings about unique processes for best cleaning results even on the most complicated components. Our parts cleaning systems offer high quality, effective cleaning, and immense efficiency.

Vacuum Infrared Drying
All parts can be vacuum dried with our infrared system that renders the energy stored in the part irrelevant. This method achieves subsequent thermal cleaning for many types of contamination.
We are the only manufacturer to offer this technology for use with solvents.