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26. March 2021


We wish you and your families a happy Easter and a beautiful spring season.

Stay healthy.

Your vapic team

25. March 2021

Invitation to the digital HannoverMesse 2021

For the first time in the company’s history, we are taking part in a virtual fair.
We would be very pleased if you would visit us.
Together with 46 co-exhibitors, we will represent our region of Baden-Württemberg at the joint stand of Baden-Württemberg International (BW_i).

You can order your free ticket here:

04. February 2021

Funding for vapic cleaning systems

Already for many years, our customers have been saving enormously on operating costs thanks to our energy-saving and innovative process technology. The investment costs for a vapic cleaning system are higher because the technology used is already more expensive to purchase.
Now you have the possibility to get a subsidy for the investment in one of our machines.
This not only saves costs, it is also good for the environment and your environmental management.

Why are vapic machines funded?
Already for many years, our customers have been saving enormously on operating costs thanks to the energy-saving and innovative vapic process technology. The investment costs for a vapic cleaning system are higher because the system technology is more expensive to purchase and manufacture.
The investment in one of our machines can now be subsidised.
Every tonne of CO2 emission saved is a benefit for the environment and your financial budget.

11. December 2020

Merry Christmas

We wish our customers a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021!

Stay healthy.

7th December 2020

vapic new building finished

This year, we were able to successfully complete our new building to double the space available. Probably the most important reason for the new building was the move from the company Grund Oberflächentechnik in Neuweiler.

We have been working together on solutions for industrial part cleaning since 2001. 

Through this cooperation we have already been able to achieve numerous new developments and project-related solutions in the field of technical cleaners.
The additional space also offers more room for our plant construction and the parts cleaning centre.
We would like to thank them very much for their visit.

20. November 2020

Award-winning innovation

At vapic we attach much importance to the fact that our products are perfectly adapted to the customer’s task. Through this approach we have already created many innovations. That’s why we were one of eight companies that won the competition “Spitze auf dem Land” in 2014. Companies were selected that have the potential to become world market leaders in their field.

We are pleased that this is also being recognised regionally. So Thomas Blenke, deputy chairman of the CDU state parliamentary group, visited us. His second candidate for the 2021 state parliamentary elections, Carl Hirsch, and Bundestag candidate Klaus Mack visited us.
We would like to thank them very much for their visit

2nd November 2020

Chemical production at vapic

The company Grund Oberflächentechnik from Neuweiler has moved into our new building 2020.
Together with Mrs Grund and her team, we have been working since 2001 to find the right chemical solutions for our customers’ tasks. Mrs Grund has enormous experience in cleaning media and preparation processes for component cleaning.

In the chemical production we produce various aqueous cleaners, solvents, stabilisers and other products. We attach particular importance to the fact that the products are environmentally friendly and recyclable, and we also take a critical look at every substance used in the area of occupational safety. Besides these factors, the cleaning performance is of course very important.

We have also invested in a new laboratory with an area of almost 52 m².
In our laboratory we help you to select the right cleaning media for your project. Our solubility tests enable us to determine the process-optimised chemistry for each lubricant.
In compatibility tests, we determine if materials are attacked and whether acids, solids or other substances are produced in the process during preparation.

We would like to thank Mrs Grund for the successful cooperation and look forward to many more exciting projects.

22th September 2020

Sale of two solvent systems

The current global and economic situation is also having an enormous impact on the mechanical engineering industry.
However, an existing customer in the field of exhaust systems and a new customer in the field of precision mechanics for laser deflection systems have invested in solvent chamber systems at our company.
In addition to the different batch sizes of 608 x 408 x 300 mm and 1240 x 840 x 970 mm (LxWxH), the two cleaning systems differ in the handling for loading.

The smaller washing plant is loaded by hand due to the spatial conditions, the large parts cleaning plant has several input and output stations with which the skeleton containers can be transported by forklift.
Of course, both machines are equipped with the various advantages in terms of energy and cleaning process and are individually adapted to customer requirements.
We would like to thank both customers for their trust!

25th June 2020

Combined cleaning system for armature parts

The demands on the surface before PVD coating of components are very high.
Therefore, we have planned and manufactured a special cleaning system for a customer that achieves this purity.
By a combined cleaning process with solvents and an aqueous cleaning we have minimized the scrap. The cleaning system is loaded fully automatically by a shuttle vehicle with connection to a high rack storage area supplied with the system.

Our ingenious technology enables enormous energy savings.
In addition to the low operating costs, our customer benefits from a six-figure sum of funding received from the BAFA. Due to the low energy consumption CO2 can be saved, the environment is protected and costs are saved. We are happy to assist our customers in applying for the subsidies.