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25th June 2020

Combined cleaning system for armature parts

The demands on the surface before PVD coating of components are very high.
Therefore, we have planned and manufactured a special cleaning system for a customer that achieves this purity.
By a combined cleaning process with solvents and an aqueous cleaning we have minimized the scrap. The cleaning system is loaded fully automatically by a shuttle vehicle with connection to a high rack storage area supplied with the system.
The parts can be conveniently loaded with the appropriate carriers via garages and picked up again cleaned in the adjacent clean room.

Our ingenious technology enables enormous energy savings.
In addition to the low operating costs, our customer benefits from a six-figure sum of funding received from the BAFA. Due to the low energy consumption CO2 can be saved, the environment is protected and costs are saved. We are happy to assist our customers in applying for the subsidies.