Industrial component cleaning

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Immersion cleaning


Easy - Individual - Affordable



Various immersion cleaning processes are used for components with complex geometries, such as blind hole bores. It is the chemical action of the cleaning medium that primarily removes adhering dirt. Ultrasound can further improve this process. A lifting, swivelling or rotary motion provides an additional cleaning effect.

Immersion cleaning


M-Dip: Module System


Modules in three inexpensive standard sizes - from a single device to a semi-automatic parts cleaning system. Individual adjustment to the required cleaning procedures - can be fitted with additional modules and optional features when cleaning requirements change.

Ultrasonic cleaning


Effective, economical and environmentally friendly ultrasonic cleaning equipment with:

  • Sweep (uniform sound field distribution)
  • Degas (fast degassing when newly preparing a bath)
  • Multi-frequency technology


Performance features of the basic module:


High quality stainless steel construction for industrial use

  • Process tank / Overflow tank
  • Prepared for electric heating
  • Prepared for oil separator
  • Removable side panels / overflow tank with cleaning openings
  • Splash-proof operation
  • Level monitoring
  • Dry-running protection
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Dryer: 12 kW heating capacity, 20-130 °C

Immersion cleaning


Excerpt of options:

  • Pneumatic lifting device with oscillation and dripping position
  • Manual cross transport system
  • Floor / sides ultrasound (25 or 35 kHz)
  • Pneumatic effervescence unit
  • Electric bath heating (20-90 °C)
  • Pre-heating system
  • Automatic water feeding
  • Oil separator
  • Filter circuit with stainless steel circulation pump and bag filter
  • Steam extraction
  • Floor pan