Industrial component cleaning
  • Black trumpet. Cleaned by Vapic.

  • Green moped. Cleaned by Vapic.

  • Blue spheres. Cleaned by Vapic.

  • White tube. Cleaned by Vapic.

  • Silver weights. Cleaned by Vapic.

  • Red chair. Cleaned by Vapic.

Machine construction

Diversified for the benefit of our customers.


The question: “What do our customers need?” is the top priority at vapic. We stay in close contact with you to provide you with a cleaning system tailored to your specific needs. We examine your production process, learn from your experiences and jointly define an objective.

Parts cleaning center

  • You lack capacity to clean your parts?

  • The geometry of the components to be cleaned is so special, that you do not have the right system?

  • Are the quantities so small that it is not profitable to purchase your own system?

  • Increased cleanliness requirements cannot be met by your existing systems?

Whatever the case may be. vapic can help.

Cleaning chemicals by vapic

Parts cleaning usually has a mechanical and a chemical side to it. Only the well-coordinated combination of both leads to success. Vapic cleaning chemicals are adapted perfectly to the plant equipment and the contamination. You have these advantages as the whole process is controlled by a single source:

  • No mediation between system manufacturer and chemical producer is necessary in case of an unsatisfactory result. We accept responsibility and our experienced team can quickly find solutions for your cleaning process.

  • We can develop individual post-sharpening solutions for constant contaminations and implement aqueous systems without changing the bath.