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Spray cleaning


for water-based cleaning media


Spray cleaning systems are used primarily as a cost-effective method for the cleaning of large and flat components. An aqueous cleaning medium is sprayed through nozzles onto the surface to be cleaned at high velocity.


Impurities are removed by both the cleaning medium as well as swept away by the spray jet. The uniform cleaning of all component surfaces is achieved by a movement of the material to be cleaned (rotating basket & turntable spray system) or by a movement of the spray nozzles (rotary spray nozzle unit).

Spray cleaning

Rotary table spray cleaning system DT-Jet

Horizontally rotating cleaning platform for non-ladling parts, large assemblies or material to be cleaned that don’t have to be turned.

Rotating basket spray cleaning systems DK-Jet

Cleaning of parts with complicated surfaces or ladling small parts in appropriate baskets, which are inserted in a turret device.

A combination of DK and DT Jet is also available. It is easy to convert from basket holder to rotary table.

Rotary spray nozzle unit cleaning system DS-Jet

Cleaning of very heavy material or parts with large dimensions by a rotating spray unit.

Spray cleaning


Spray cleaning systems are available in several standard and competitively priced sizes and can be adapted by various options (such as filtration, oil separator, cleaning agent dosage, blow-down, hot air drying, vapor condensation, etc.) to the specific requirements. We realise individual special sizes at any time.



Expansion options- Equipment options are available to perfectly adapt the spray cleaning system to your requirements - this is a selection:



Vapour extraction

Effectively prevents an unpleasant “laundry room atmosphere” in the production environment by removing vapours developed inside the machine.

Bath oil skimmer

Fats and oils floating on the bath surface are skimmed off the bath surface after cleaning.

Automatic fill level replenishing & dosing of chemicals

Automatically maintains the cleaning machine tank at the required level. The cleaning agent is added by a metering device.

Combination system

Rotary table and rotating basket spray cleaning system are also available as a combination. Rotary table and rotating basket device can be changed in a few simple steps.

Bag filter

Removes particles, solids and contaminants through filtration of the cleaning medium. The replaceable filter bags are available in various grain sizes. Magnetic particles and shavings can be removed even more effectively by magnetic inserts.

Compressed air blow-down & Hot-air drying

A compressed air blow-down unit fed by the on-site compressed air supply or a separate blower is used to remove liquid from ladling parts. The system can be extended by a hot-air drying unit.