Industrial component cleaning

Our systems are as varied as your manufacturing processes.
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Chamber systems


for water-based cleaning media



Highest cleaning quality with an incredibly
low consumption of energy and water are typical for
vapic chamber cleaning systems for aqueous
cleaning media. The vapic system achieves
an enormous cost advantage over the
entire investment period when compared to conventional technology.




Aqueous systems


Excerpt of options


  • Cleaning, rinsing and conservation cycles according to requirement
  • Additional process chambers
  • Various ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Infrared drying
  • Hot air drying with superfine filter
  • Process chamber heater
  • All types of conveyance
  • Link to existing inventory
  • Basket tensioning unit
  • Use of process heat of other systems
  • Product carrier according to requirements
  • Bath treatment systems for aqueous systems Chapter 2.5

Aqueous systems


Excerpt from our innovations


Right on target: Precision injection nozzles


We leave nothing to chance when it comes to highly complex cleanliness requirements. We build product carriers that position the component for best flow properties. We build spray nozzles and assess the spraying behaviour in 3D simulations. They are milled from solid material and can be controlled individually.

Automated Quality Assurance


We use automatic systems to measure the concentration levels of conservation and cleaning agents. Conductivity sensors enable the drawing of conclusions about the cleanliness of media. Sensors for the measurement of particulate matter have been successfully installed in plants as well. We also use process refractometers, pH or density meters, if required. These techniques simplify and increase process reliability. This enables inspection intervals to be extended for the cleanliness lab.

Expenses reduced / Money saved / Environment spared


No more bath changes! We have achieved a very ambitious goal. The key to success is a very careful tuning of chemistry, bath treatment and targeted automation. The chemistry is adjusted to the contamination. Additional dosages of solution are added to the cleaning circuit on a batch-by-batch basis. Bath treatment is a combination of an energy-saving yet powerful evaporator and carefully selected material separation systems. How well we do in coordinating these factors shows an example of a customer: We have build the system six years ago. Every twelve minutes it cleans 2 tons of parts in three shifts. We didn’t have a single bath change yet!