Industrial component cleaning

Our systems are as varied as your manufacturing processes.
As a specialist for solutions to problems, we use our and your experience to continuously innovate.

Chamber systems

Chamber systems can be realized in almost any size. We can find the ideal process for your application through laboratory tests and preliminary tests on modern systems in our parts cleaning centre. The systems can be designed for aqueous cleaners, solvents or a combination of both. With our own cleaning media, we can offer you the complete package and guarantee a safe, functioning process. Proven processes, such as a pre-wash circuit, spray and immersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning with vacuum degassing or pressure flooding, are available from us - but we would be pleased to offer you something more.

vapic alternating pressure

Alternating pressure conditions in the working chamber bring the cleaning medium alternately to boiling and condensing by shifting the boiling point. This has demonstrably improved the rinsing effect, especially with blind holes and narrow gaps. The background to this is that steam bubbles form in the liquid at low pressures and implode again at higher pressures. In this process we thus obtain a medium exchange for difficult component geometries - demonstrably.

vapic© Energy circuit

Dry-running vacuum pumps form the heart of the patented vapic energy circuit. The compression and condensation energy used is no longer "destroyed" but intelligently circulated and reused in the process. This results in enormous energy savings of up to 50%. Our process technology enables unique processes, so that you get the best cleaning results even with the most difficult components. We offer high-quality, effective and extremely economical parts cleaning systems.

vacuum infrared drying

With the infrared - device developed by us the vacuum drying of each part is possible, since one is no longer dependent on the energy stored in the part. In the case of many soiling we also achieve thermal post-cleaning.
For solvents only we offer this technology.


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