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Specialists for industrial parts cleaning

Learning and Understanding


“Knowledge is not something that grows on its own” is an often heard saying of Reiner Wolf. And he is usually one of the first to ask detailed questions.


That hasn’t changed. No when he was technical director. Not when he was his own boss in the service sector. Not when the European patent was granted. And not since his company vapic continuously has full order books because of innovation and quality. Parts cleaning requires a holistic understanding of both the subject of parts cleaning itself as well as an understanding of each particular manufacturing chain of a customer.


It pays off to have a partner you can rely on, who never lost his desire for learning, not in spite of but because of his “Know-how”. You will find this attitude in the entire vapic team, where hierarchies are kept flat and thinking on your own feet is a big subject. This is why you will often find almost the entire staff on a Monday at the vapic training, although participation is voluntary with a free lunch for compensation.



Just in sequence deliveries, cost pressure, high availability - these requirements are the order of the day in the automotive industry. A broad customer base relies on vapic cleaning solutions to meet these demands: OEM’s, Tier 1 suppliers, Tier 2 suppliers. Our partners include major manufacturers as well as a wide variety of suppliers.

Medical engineering

Medical engineering demands the highest levels of process safety and cleanliness. After all we are talking about the cleanliness of parts that are used very close to the body or, in a surgery, even inside the body. For example, we remove chlorinated paraffin deposits on pipes used in microsurgery.

Electrical engineering and electronics

Our expertise is in demand wherever the highest cleanliness standards apply. Vapic cleaning processes reliably clean even the most difficult electronic components, such as contacts, sensors and soldering residues on printed circuit boards.

Metal-processing industry

A wide variety of materials, auxiliary manufacturing materials, difficult part geometries and machining processes - this is our widest field of activity that continuously provides new and challenging tasks. And we find the right solution for each one of them.

Consumer goods

Be it glasses or a clock, razor blades or cooking pots, a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine … our range of solutions for parts cleaning of consumer goods is almost as diverse as life itself.

Aerospace Engineering

There is hardly other industry, where the parts are as valuable as in aerospace engineering. The demands on their service life are equally high. A long service life of up to 15 years is unthinkable without perfect cleaning as provided by vapic.


Each vapic cleaning solution is a cleaning system that has been specifically tailored to your needs. We will analyse the specific requirements on parts cleaning in detail with you. We will create the optimum cleaning process from the various options available. The vapic Workflow.


Focus on your production


We understand your clean components as the result of the entire manufacturing and despatch chain. We frequently can alleviate a problem by making a few minor adjustments. And we are getting better and better at it because we maintain a lively exchange of information with each customer. Knowledge of pollution, materials and production steps ensures the best predictable results.


Patented: Optimal cleaning for demanding parts


Intelligent and trendsetting. Vacuum and pressure - the intelligent interaction of these two variables explains the outstanding efficiency of the vapic cleaning process. A technique so innovative and forward-looking that its development was sponsored by the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The patented vapic process is the first industrial parts cleaning process that perfectly cleans difficult geometries with a minimal use of energy.



The innovation engine is a continuous run motor

  • vapic methods
  • Infrared drying for solvents
  • Low pressure plasma and wet cleaning in one working chamber
  • Parts cleaning with atmospheric plasma
  • Cleaning system with aqueous and solvent-based cleaning without intermediate drying
  • Exhaust air cleaning system with integrated solvent recovery and neutralization of low-boiling acids
  • Process chamber lift
  • Induction dryer integrated in the production cycle
  • Condensation drying with highly efficient energy recovery
  • Three-dimensional spray behaviour planning of spray units
  • Constant particle measurement
  • Chemical concentration levels monitoring
  • Parts movement in continuously operating systems
  • Maintenance-free vacuum adsorber systems
  • Energy-saving evaporator
  • Cleaning with VOC-free solvents
  • Aqueous systems without changing the bath
  • Hot air combination drying for temperature-sensitive components

vapic grows



After having spent a mere 4 years in our new spacious building, we have doubled our production area in 2013.

June 18, 2014 - vapic wins the sponsorship: “Spitze auf dem Land – Technologieführer für Baden-Württemberg” (Top of the State - Technology Leader for Baden-Württemberg”

This grant and the subsidized financing guarantees the expansion of vapic in 2015. We will expand the space for contract cleaning and machine construction by ca. 1400 sqm and invest in a fully automated contract cleaning system.

vapic Hungary

On June 21, 2017 we founded vapic Hungary Kft in Hungary, location Fülöpjakab, as a 100 percent subsidiary of vapic GmbH.  


Our long-time employee Imre Rigó wanted to go back to his home country Hungary and is now appointed as managing director.. vapic Hungary Kft works for us in its own 500 m² metal construction hall and carries out various pre-assemblies. This gives us the opportunity to produce high quality components for you at a more attractive price. Meanwhile 4 further employees work in Hungary and can actively support us in Neubulach if required.


We are very happy about the new location and would like to thank all employees in Hungary who contribute such a high level of commitment!